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The Dreamer edition of SkyHigh Magazine caters to businesses under a year old and aspiring entrepreneurs on the brink of launching. This fresh edition provides an excellent opportunity to enhance brand visibility among a vast readership and narrate the inception story of your idea.

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It's our culture. It's our values. It's who we are and what we are not. It's the way we do things and why that matter.

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Are you a nonprofit organization

Introducing the exclusive "Cloud Zero" membership by SkyHigh Magazine, tailored for nonprofit organizations. Unlock a realm of extraordinary possibilities to showcase your nonprofit through diverse channels. Be sure to inquire about the remarkable benefits of Cloud Zero today!

We all have parts to play

At SkyHigh, we offer a variety of advertisement options to accommodate the unique needs of our customers. Our goal is to make it easy for small businesses to share their stories, promote their companies, stores, and careers, and reach a larger audience. We strongly believe that small businesses deserve a fair chance to showcase themselves to the world.

what we will do for you

The SkyHigh team is committed to working closely with you to achieve your advertising and branding objectives. We are dedicated to helping you reach your target audience, enhance your image, and achieve your desired results. We will collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that your message is effectively communicated to your target market.

Editorial Photography

SkyHigh's photographer is a professional with a proven track record of success, having been published in international magazines and worked with various brands and companies. The photographer and the SkyHigh team work closely with clients to achieve their desired vision for their image, brand, company, store, business, or project. They provide professional photography for personal use, and their goal is to help upcoming businesses succeed by supporting them every step of the way.

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Cinematic interviews are a way to showcase the story behind a company, business, store or idea by filming a day in the life of the client's daily duties. The SH Team will provide videography, editing, and a complementary social media post for the interview. It will be published in digital and physical magazines, as well as on the website and YouTube channel. The client will receive a copy of their interview one week after magazine publication. This can help clients gain new customers by providing an engaging and informative look into their business in as little as 3 to 6 minutes.

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SkyHigh offers professional writing services to help businesses effectively express their values and mission. Their team of writers will work with clients to craft compelling and informative content that accurately represents the business and its goals.

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Digital AD

The Digital AD will be featured in the SkyHigh Deals section

Your Landing Page

What's this?

The SkyHigh landing page serves as a one-stop-shop for visitors and readers to access information about past and current leaders in the business world. This includes information about companies, social media profiles, articles and interviews. The landing page is designed to be easy to navigate and provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the industry. It can be an useful resource for readers looking to stay informed and connect with industry leaders.

Why this matters

How it works

The landing page not only provides valuable information to visitors and readers but also serves as a valuable tool for leaders by providing data on who is visiting the page and viewing their company's information. This allows leaders to understand their demographic and gain insight into who is interested in their business, both locally and globally. This data can be used to inform marketing and business strategies, helping leaders to more effectively reach and engage their target audience. Additionally, it will help the leaders to understand the geographic location of the audience, which can be useful for expanding their business.

  • The physical magazine will feature a QR code that directs readers to the landing page

  • The digital magazine will have a link that directs readers to the landing page

Here, There, Everywhere

You should be global, so we are too. Wherever in the world you looking to be visible, chances are, we can take you there.

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