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Bella Hampton Farm Foundation hosted its First Annual Fundraiser


Keila Arias

Jun 2, 2023

Bella Hampton Farm Foundation hosted its First Annual Fundraiser and it was an unforgettable success. The event brought supporters, sponsors and vendors from around the DFW metroplex to celebrate and donate to the cause. The non profit farm sanctuary is home to a variety of feathered and furry animals, including horses, alpacas, chickens, ducks, bees, pigs, dogs and recently-introduced bats. Fundraising that day was for the necessities and maintenance of the farm and its animals.

Hosted by Nestor Estrada and his loving husband Cesar Aragon. Roaming the wide pastures were cheerful goats, visitors were allowed to pet. The event kicked off with the introduction of Phillipe, a rescue horse who recently joined the Bella Hampton family. Phillipe persevered through health complications and survived through the winter. “My husband and I, we decided to move out here and take care of amazing animals that needed a loving home” Nestor shared in a heartfelt speech. He also shined a light on the trail that led to the goat pen, which shared the story of all the animals that were rescued such as Bubbles, Pepita and Oliver who will have a “forever home at Bella Hampton Farm” stated Nestor. This pioneering non profit shares their success with the community via pop-up markets where you can purchase fresh produce and organic products that are unique to Bella Hampton and its surrounding community farms. On their website, they share “We feed the best quality of foods to our animals and allow them to graze on chemical-free pasture. We believe in doing things as naturally as possible producing a healthier and tastier product.” The networking pool of local farmers created by Bella Hampton and its surrounding farms, created a an avenue to increase the support and visibility of local farmers and skilled artisans. It gives true definition to the saying “It takes a village.”

There were several vendors and sponsors that made the event a one of kind. Some of the listed sponsors included Tito’s Handmade Vodka, The Statler, Republic Title, Refined Hospitality, Auren Realty Group and vendors such as Cry Wolf, Nena Pastries and more. The main attraction however, was the wonderful pig roast feast, accompanied by delectable desserts. Additionally, there was live music by Jed and Claire, that brought people out of their seats. 15 year old singer and song writer Taylor Alyne showcased some of her new songs throughout the event. Nestor and Cesar took time to educate guests on Bella Hampton sponsorship program while sharing the stage with the adorable  alpacas Dominica and Dalia. Guests can sponsor a furry friend of their liking and can come by the farm to spend time and connect with their new friend. Good-nature energy filled the air throughout the evening, while the sunset enhanced the beauty of the farm. The event wrapped up with a raffle for visitors which consisted of a Bella Hampton Basket with products and goodies from the farm. 

It was truly a heartwarming event that everyone enjoyed! The delightful atmosphere brought out the “family feel” of the farm. This First Annual Fundraiser marks the first of many to follow. The farm and animals at Bella Hampton are always in need of assistance from the community and these fundraisers contribute in significant ways to living, providing and maintaining a sustainable future. To reach out and give a helping hand or even enjoy an afternoon volunteering you can go to Bella Hampton Foundation website at


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