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SkyHighTop 2023: Celebrating Visionaries and Changemakers in Dallas

SkyHigh Team

Dec 13, 2023

It's that time of the year again when SkyHighTop returns to shine a spotlight on the industry's movers and shakers. The latest edition of SkyHigh Magazine is a celebration of local entrepreneurs and leaders in Dallas, Texas, who are making a positive impact in their respective industries. In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, where resilience is key, these top 10 individuals are not just surviving but thriving, pushing the boundaries of their missions and brands.

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurship is a journey of resilience, passion, and continuous hustle. In a world where challenges abound, these leaders exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship, navigating the intricacies of their fields with unwavering determination. Their stories inspire and remind us that success is not just about financial gains but about creating meaningful change and leaving a lasting legacy.

SkyHighTop Leaders: Trailblazers in Dallas

  1. Norah D. Meier-Maroulis, EARS: Norah's dedication to rescuing and rehabilitating animals through the Education and Animal Rescue Society (EARS) is a testament to her lifelong passion for animal welfare. EARS not only educates the community on responsible pet ownership but also sets an example for generating innovative business ideas and successful fundraising campaigns.

  2. Brian Cuban: Brian's journey from personal struggles with addiction to becoming an advocate for addiction and eating disorder awareness is a story of triumph over adversity. His experiences serve as an inspiration for others facing similar challenges, proving that one can turn their life around and make a positive impact on the world.

  3. Cindy De La Garza, DLG REALTY ADVISORS: Cindy De La Garza, a trailblazing entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas, has a journey marked by exploration, resilience, and dedication. Raised in a culturally rich environment, her early experiences fueled her passion for diversity and adventure. After exploring Latin America and the Caribbean, she found her calling in real estate, leveraging her bilingualism and multicultural background to excel in the industry.

    Despite facing challenges, including the 2008 housing market crash, Cindy persevered through innovation and client-focused service. Balancing her professional life with personal growth and travel, she maintains a whirlwind schedule while prioritizing communication and strategic planning.

    Nurturing innovation and growth, Cindy stays ahead of the curve by analyzing market trends and fostering a culture of excellence within her brokerage, DLG REALTY ADVISORS. Drawing strength from adversity, she remains dedicated to her vision for the future, aiming for continued expansion and success.

    To aspiring entrepreneurs, Cindy advises defining a niche, creating a solid business plan, and surrounding oneself with a supportive network while staying true to one's values. Ultimately, Cindy's journey serves as inspiration to dream big, work hard, and never cease pursuing one's dreams. As she continues to make her mark in the real estate world, Cindy's story proves that the best is yet to come for this dynamic entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas.

  4. Elena Barajas, Ebadore:a fashion designer based in Dallas, Texas, known for blending Mexican heritage with avant-garde designs. It traces her journey from childhood fascination with fashion, nurtured by her grandmother, to international recognition. Elena shares insights into her upbringing, challenges faced, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.

    Elena's affinity for fashion was cultivated by her grandmother, and her journey was marked by a deep connection to her Mexican roots. Despite discouragement, she pursued her dream, acquiring skills and expertise in fashion design. She faced hurdles in assembling the right team and securing funding but emphasized perseverance.

    Maintaining a balance between professional commitments and personal well-being is crucial for Elena, who finds solace and inspiration in designing. She offers advice for budding entrepreneurs, emphasizing determination, financial responsibility, and receptiveness to feedback.

    In the future, Elena envisions expanding her brand's presence, with plans for a physical store in Texas and collaborations to elevate visibility. Through her journey, Elena inspires others to embrace their uniqueness, persevere through challenges, and pursue their passion with determination, making her a beacon of inspiration for aspiring designers.

  5. Don Short, ROXOR: Retired CEO of Coca-Cola of India, Africa, and the Middle East, Don Short's venture into the beverage industry with ROXOR reflects his passion for creating unique, plant-based alcoholic beverages. The story of the New Artisan Distillery and its innovative products, such as Roxor Artisan Gin and Roxor Botanical Bourbon, showcases a commitment to craftsmanship and a toast to iconic skylines.

  6. Marina Vaskina, International Hairstylist: Marina's international journey as a hairstylist, from Russia to London and New York, reflects her dedication to the art of hairstyling. Her passion turned profession, Marina's success highlights the transformative power of finding purpose in one's work.

  7. Monnica Sharmaa and Ric S Kolluri, Go BitCare: The entrepreneurial duo behind Go BitCare, Monnica Sharmaa, and Ric S Kolluri, showcase the potential of technology in revolutionizing healthcare. Their innovative approach to healthcare solutions reflects a commitment to improving lives and making a positive impact on the industry.

  8. Nicole Khan, Lanai Hemp: As a woman minority entrepreneur, Nicole Khan's journey into the hemp industry was driven by a desire to alleviate her mother's pain. Her dedication to providing affordable CBD products through Lanai Hemp reflects a commitment to helping others and creating positive change in the wellness industry.

  9. Lloyd Lumpkins, L. Lumpkins Architects: L. Lumpkins Architects, led by Lloyd Lumpkins, is a residential design firm that goes beyond architectural norms. By understanding clients' lifestyles and dreams, the firm creates bespoke homes that reflect individual preferences. From classical to modern styles, L. Lumpkins Architects transforms dreams into reality.

  10. Rachael Yvonne Davis, Sativa Beauty Health And Wellness: Dr. Rachael Yvonne Davis's passion for family and wellness led to the creation of Sativa Beauty Health Wellness, the first black-owned CBD brand in Texas. Their products, free of psychoactive compounds, offer pain relief and contribute to a life of well-being.

SkyHigh Awards: Recognizing Excellence

Stay tuned for the SkyHigh Awards, where we will celebrate the top 3 leaders, the most inspiring, and the recipient of the Dreamer award. These awards honor those who have not only achieved success in their respective fields but have also inspired others and dared to dream beyond conventional boundaries. SkyHighTop 2023 is a tribute to the spirit of innovation, resilience, and positive change embodied by these visionary leaders.

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