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Going Fast Is About to Get More Expensive for Some Mercedes-Benz Drivers


Going Fast Is About to Get More Expensive for Some Mercedes-Benz Drivers

Madeline Garfinkle

Nov 25, 2022

The automaker will begin charging drivers of its electric cars a yearly subscription fee to accelerate faster.

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz will roll out a new line of electric cars that can go fast — at a cost.

Buyers of Mercedes' upcoming EQ all-electric models will have to pay $1,200 a year for the ability to accelerate quickly, The Drive reported. The $1,200 subscription will increase the car's max horsepower and torque and let it accelerate from 0-60 mph up to one second faster. The charge for this "Acceleration Increase" is not unlike Tesla's "Ludicrous mode," which gives drivers a boost of speed for a one-time fee of $10,000.

Mercedes and Tesla aren't the only car companies charging for features that drivers have long considered standard in traditional, gas-fueled vehicles. In July, BMW began charging owners of its electric cars $18 a month for heated seats, which was met with outrage from customers, according to the New York Post. The response eventually prompted BMW to release a statement clarifying its decision but assuring drivers that the new charge is here to stay.

Although customers might be upset about the charges, they could be the new norm in the automotive sector as automakers troubleshoot different systems in a changing market. As the market for new vehicles has declined in recent years, automakers have shifted their focus to developing software and subscriptions to build a continuous revenue stream, according to The Verge.

Regarding Mercedes' recent subscription package, some drivers are as resentful as BMW owners were just a few months ago, with one Twitter user saying the update is "ripping people off."

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