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For Cosmetics and Hygiene

Ian Draney

Oct 11, 2022

What is the beauty industry?

While it is easy for the majority to assume that the beauty industry is one that merely focuses on personal aesthetics, there is far more to this area than just that. Beauty is also about hygiene and personal well being which can also include meal plans and workout routines for either bodybuilding or slimming down. This industry also places an emphasis on hygiene products like shampoo, toothpaste, and even deodorant.

What are some areas that the beauty industry focuses on?

This industry focuses on many areas that are all intended to enhance certain attractive characteristics of individuals. This often results in the boosting of self esteem and may also have an overall positive effect on physical health as well. Some examples of the products and services of the beauty industry are listed below:

● Hair Styling

● Makeup

● Deodorant

● Toothpaste

● Skincare

● Nutrition

● Workout Routines

● Tanning Beds

● Facial Jobs

● Eye Surgery (like Lasik)

● Perfume/Cologne

● Shampoo

● Conditioner

● Pumice Stone

How is nutrition related to beauty?

Many products in this industry, like many lotions and facial masks, have certain vitamins and minerals, like vitamin E, in them that are designed to be absorbed into the skin. Furthermore, it is a matter of fact that staying in good health by eating well and regularly working out will bring out the most attractive natural appearance in an individual. There are even dietary supplements, like multivitamins, that are aimed toward those who seek better health in the pursuit of beauty and are advertised as such.

What kind of businesses are in the beauty industry?

Beauty encompasses a good variety of types of companies from hair salons and spas to workout and meal plan programs. When mentioning workout and meal plan programs, there are ones specifically aimed toward those pursuing aesthetic results while others may be looking for ways to get stronger, more flexible, or obtain better cardiovascular health. Only programs that are aimed toward bodily aesthetics are considered to be part of the beauty industry, the rest pertain more so toward the fitness industry.

What are the prerequisites for working in this industry?

It really depends on what area in the beauty industry one wishes to get employed in but all areas require a strong knowledge base which usually involves school whether it be trade school or a college degree of some sort. For instance, cosmetology is classified as not only an art but also a skilled trade, one that requires many hours of instruction and practice obtained at beauty school. However, cosmetology is not the only aspect of the beauty industry, it takes a team of chemists and chemical engineers to develop many products and those specializations require a relevant college degree. There is also marketing and promotion which often entails the subcontracting of beauty models for putting these products on display.

How are recent developments in science and technology affecting the industry?

As the world’s understanding of the human body and how it reacts to various substances grows, products and services in this industry become more effective. One example of this is that the chemical that damages hair follicles and causes balding was just identified in a published research report in the Biophysical Journal back in 2021 and the research was just recently approved a couple of months ago. Furthermore, technology presents new opportunities for the beauty industries by enabling more advanced procedures like liposuction and eye surgery.

Author: Ian Draney

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