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The Art Of Structures

Ian Draney

Sep 27, 2022

The Art Of Structure

What is architecture?

Architecture emphasizes the visual and functional aspects of structures like how a space is designed to best accommodate its intended purpose or the placement of windows and the visual qualities of the glass and window frames.

What are the professions in architecture?

This industry holds professions for the different specialized forms of architecture and also lists professions relating to specific steps in the design process.

  • Some architecture specializations include:

    • Residential

    • Commercial

    • Industrial

    • Interior

    • Landscaping

    • Airport

    • Green (eco friendly)

    • Urban

  • Some professions of architecture include:

    • Architect

    • Interior Designer

    • Drafter

    • Surveyor

    • Estates Manager

    • CAD Technician

    • Fire Risk Assessor

    • Town Planner

  • Architectural businesses will also create subcontracts for the non-architectural aspects of construction, some of the professions that are reached out for this are:

    • Civil Engineers

    • Electrical Engineer

    • Structural Engineers

    • Mechanical Engineers

    • Builders (construction workers)

What do architectural companies do?

Architectural design firms and studios focus on designing structures for the specialization worked in. These companies will develop template structures or design structures from scratch for each project while fulfilling the detailed requests of the clients and finding creative methods to best accommodate the intended use for the structures.

What are the prerequisites for working in architecture?

Putting this vaguely, becoming an architect requires three big steps. Firstly, one must complete the educational requirements by earning at least a bachelor’s degree in architecture but it is strongly encouraged to go even further by obtaining a master’s as well. After completing up to about six years of education, the aspiring architect must then obtain a minimum of three years of relevant internship experience and then complete all of the training and examinations needed to obtain all of the proper licenses and certifications.

How is technology revolutionizing this industry?

Thanks to the recent advancements in technology, three dimensional models can be created through CAD or similar software platforms and then projected so as to enable the designers and their clients to walk and interact with the models using virtual and augmented reality technology. With this new technology, designers and clients are able to physically walk inside a building that has yet to exist in the physical world.

How to start an architecture firm

  1. Before starting any business, one should plan it out first and sort out the pros and cons and the potential profits and expenses

  2. Decide on a targeted audience. What specialty of architecture will you go for? Is it a local business? Is it a government business? Keep in mind that most clients of this industry are wealthier than most

  3. How will you firm make money?

  4. How can you grow your business in the future?

  5. Decide on a name.

  6. What type of business will it be? Is it a partnership? Sole proprietorship? Maybe a corporation perhaps? You will need to register the firm as a legal business.

  7. Taxes. You need to make sure you are registered for taxes or else the IRS may come after you. Depending on what business model you decide on, your options for tax registration could include different benefits

  8. Open a business bank and a credit account. You will need a place to keep the money your business uses somewhere and it’s generally not a good idea to keep that money in your personal bank account, especially if you have employees to pay. Another issue that could arise from mixing your business and personal finances is that if your business gets sued, your personal assets are put at risk. Most individuals probably don’t want to lose their house and car if their company were to suddenly get sued.

  9. Set up accounting. You will need a method for recording all of the profits and expenses along with their sources so that filing for taxes can be a simple task. Unintentionally leaving out a few sources of income for the business could appear fraudulent.

  10. Make sure to obtain the necessary licenses. An unlicensed architect designing a structure is just trouble waiting to happen. Such cases can lead to hefty fines, lawsuits, or even the shutdown of the business altogether.

  11. Insurance. What will you do if an expensive accident or natural disaster negatively impacts your business and you have no insurance or enough money to pay for it out of pocket?

  12. Branding and marketing. You will need to develop an image for your business, let the world know of its existence, and develop a loyal customer base

Author: Ian Draney

Photographer: SkyHigh Team

SkyHigh Magazine

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