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Ashlea Hanks

Hair Stylist

"Styling hair that blossoms your confidence"

-Ashlea Hanks

Ashlea Hanks, 30, is a hair-stylist in Fortworth, Texas. A Texas native and mom of 3 beautiful dogs, her hair styling journey started during the pandemic. Having worked as a bartender pre-pandemic, she decided to attend Paul Mitchell cosmetology school in Dallas when she believed it was time for a switch to allow her creative side to blossom and for her to do something she was truly passionate about. Being a natural creative she has gone down multiple avenues to express just that, from making earrings and jewelry to recycling clothes.

Ever since high school, Ashlea has loved experimenting with hair, even if it meant going against her mother’s wishes. From adding colors to shaving all of it off, there is little she hasn’t done to pursue this passion. 

Ashlea is a firm believer of ‘wear what makes you comfortable’. All styles are fair game, as long as the one that is wearing them loves themself for it. She loves color and the vintage aesthetic, and believes that “Style should not be dictated by age”. Her personal mission as a stylist is to make people happy. She believes that a good hairstyle can change someone’s perception of themselves. A great hairstyle can give someone the confidence they need to nail a job interview or to just feel great about themselves in the morning. 

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