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Catherine Reed

Something About Skin

The article is about Catherine Reed, the CEO and founder of Something About Skin, a full-service medspa. Catherine talks about her journey of becoming an entrepreneur and a laser specialist, despite her upbringing in a strict Polish family that did not value such pursuits. She was inspired to start her business after her son had a bad case of eczema, and she fell in love with the science behind what makes us glow. Catherine emphasizes the importance of strong leadership, motivation, open-mindedness, and a growth mindset for success as an entrepreneur. She also shares her process for balancing personal and professional life and coming up with new business ideas, including social media marketing. Catherine's successful project was organizing a blood drive to give back to the community, which taught her the importance of teamwork and giving back. Overall, Catherine's passion for beautiful skin, hard work, and dedication to her clients are the driving force behind Something About Skin's success.

Full Interview Coming Soon

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