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Dora Chu

Dora Spectacular

“Hi! I’m DoraSpectacular and you’re spectacular too!”

-Dora Chu

Fashion is a cultural and social aspect of human society that is driven by the desire for new and is often thought of as the industry that invests in predicting how the individuals of such societies aim to appear to others. Fashion is always changing, therefore fashion designers must always be open to this change and learn to embrace it in order to keep up with current trends. When a designer comes up with a new garment or accessory, a fashion model is seeked out in order to display their work to the public.

The beautiful and flamboyant DoraSpectacular (Dora Chu) believes that “everybody is a fearfully and wonderfully made creation.” Everyone is unique and has value. An individual may express their unique qualities through the world of fashion with their own personal style or “uniform.” Dora believes that “the best way to dress is the fact that most of us have a uniform. Like, you know, you’ve got a uniform: you got on your white shirt and black pants. And, you know, you would go out and find a really great white shirt or a really great pair of black pants to wear to that special event, right? So, we all have a uniform and find your uniform and vary it and, you know, rock it and dress like, especially for these young entrepreneurs, dress for the position that you want. Don’t dress for what you’re doing.”

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