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JD Trueblood

CEO/President of Turtle Creek Association

“The Turtle Creek Corridor is an urban oasis.”

-JD Trueblood

A once trash ridden greenspace of Dallas has now been transformed into the front yard for the sprawling metropolis thanks to the efforts of a truly remarkable nonprofit organization who desires no more than to preserve, restore, and beautify the area. This nonprofit organization, the Turtle Creek Association, was founded in 1984 after many concerned neighbors and local business individuals and groups became aware of the inadequate conditions of the Turtle Creek Corridor. Stepping up as the new and now current president of the nonprofit, J.D. Trueblood has worked diligently to spread awareness of the present issues at hand with regard to the creek.

J.D. Trueblood, having once worked as a senior director for 33 years with State Farm Insurance, has retired and accepted his position with the Turtle Creek Association in 2019 after being asked to join by a friend who wanted to “kind of shake things up and bring a new energy”. As the new face for the association, J.D. emphasizes the importance of articulating a clear vision and, by updating the master plan by specifying the steps for transforming the corridor, he has effectively initialized a new era for the nonprofit organization. The three components of this plan are with regard to the health of the creek, reversing urban decay, and laying out works of art across the area. The efforts to restore and protect the 90 acre land and the creek are formulated within both long term and short term solutions. The short term solution is cleaning the trash out from the creek by hiring Aqua Clean to go out there on a kayak and shovel it all up. However, after each rainstorm, Aqua Clean is needed for assistance all over again. This is where the long term solution comes into play.

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