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Kathy Hopkins-Davis and Rachael Yvonne Davis

CEO and founder of Book Angel

“Our mission is to provide books to children that are learning to read ”

-Book Angel



Book Angel, a non-profit organization, is a family passion project run by humanitarian, Rachael Davis and her family. Book Angel was founded by Rachael’s mom around 15 years ago when she noticed as a teacher that there were many kids that lacked access to books and other educational resources. This caused a lot of trouble for them in the classroom and deeply affected her, and made her realize that it is something that she should work on. Being forced to retire due to issues with her health, she found purpose in her pain through Book Angel.And as she worked towards her cause, the business grew stronger with her.

Book Angel’s objective is to provide books and assistance to disadvantaged and at risk communities and give them resources necessary to cultivate a habit of reading and learning. Rachael understands that these communities often are unaware of resources such as Book Angel that are available to help and works to partner with local organizations and churches to reach them. They have recently launched the program ‘Reading with Ms. Kathy’ with the goal of helping kids read and comprehend what they are reading. While the program itself focuses on kids in lower grades, Book Angel is equipped with material to help out people of any age group and ability.