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Lloyd Lumpkins

L. Lumpkins Architects

“I design these houses to be homes that integrate the personalities of my clients and their family”

-L. Lumpkins Architect, Inc.

From classical influences to modern and contemporary styles, L. Lumpkins Architects has your back. L. Lumpkins Architects is a residential design firm started by Lloyd Lumpkins, who lives and breathes the very art of architecture. Embodying the ideal of never saying no to clients, L. Lumpkins Architects go above and beyond to fulfill the wishes of their clients.

Residential design studios are architectural businesses that work with their clients to design or remodel homes such as houses, flats, apartments, and condos. Architects that specialize in this field must understand their clients’ lifestyles and dreams to bring their visions to life. Each home is unique to each client to accommodate their desires. For those who are unaware, architecture includes the visual and functional design qualities of any man-made structure including the layout of the rooms, the overall shape of the building, the shape of the roof, the textures of the walls, floors, and ceilings, and even the placement and organization of the light fixtures, windows, doors, and air vents.

L. Lumpkins Architects works closely with their clients to design beautiful dream homes that are tailored to reflect their refined lifestyle and needs. Clients begin by selecting from a level or service from packages with prices ranging from $7.50 to $25 per square foot. These packages differ based on the additional services like reaching out to the builders so that the client does not have to. Clients are also provided a design brief which includes questions pertaining to their way of life and architectural preferences. Starting from scratch with no templates or model homes to choose from, they are provided with truly unique homes like no other. In addition to this bespoke experience, this firm is one of the very few that continue to work with clients and builders throughout construction.

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