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Marina Vaskina

International Hair Stylist

International hairstylist

Marina Vaskina is an international hairstylist based out of Dallas, Texas. She has 15 years of experience working in the fashion industry across a multitude of locations like St. Petersburg, Moscow, London and New York. Marina started off by studying in Russia where she learned that if she wanted to make a name for herself, she needed to go to London or New York. Having built connections in Moscow, Marina decided to go to London to get her start. She was called back to Moscow to work with a stylist she had experience with previously, and that gave her the opportunity to become an international hairstylist. Marina travels across the world to work with clients and agencies, and to showcase her skills.

Hairstyling is more than a hobby to Marina, it’s a passion. However, that was not always the case. In her first few years she viewed it much like a hobby. But that changed with her first big job with real money, which made her realize that this is something much bigger and that she was already running a business. Having her name spread through recommendations and word of mouth, it wasn’t long before Marina was picked to work with some of the biggest stylists and agencies in the industry.

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