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Mohamed Mohamed

CEO and founder of Hyper Lane Logistics

There is a New Leader in the Trucking Logistics Industry!

Hyper Lane Logistics knows the ins and outs of the trucking logistics industry, and they know exactly what they are after: Becoming the industry leader through hard work and innovation.

Mohamed Mohamed, the company’s CEO has every quality that an industry standard setting entrepreneur needs. Born in Egypt, with a detailed background in accounting, he has been a resident of Dallas for the last 8 years. While he now fills the role of visionary CEO, Mohamed entered the industry like many others, as a qualified driver with his CDL.

But before all that, he was just a kid with a burning passion for automotives. In his youth, he spent all his spare time and money on toy cars, car games, and automotive magazines. The passion never went away, and he ended up starting a limousine company right before Hyper Lane Logistics.

Hyper Lane Logistics - A Keenly Designed Company

The company has a focus on an owner-operator business model. With his experience in the industry, Mohamed saw that something was missing. He saw a gap that he could fill. Currently, Hyper Lane Logistics is constantly working to improve the business model, building pillars of trust and transparency with all owner-operators and partners underneath the wide umbrella of the company.

Mohamed built his company from the ground up. He worked hard to formulate relationships with vendors that could accelerate his start in the business. He then had the fortitude of knowing he needed to turn these relationships into long-term partnerships. This, combined with some outside-of-the-box thinking, creative solutions and some serious sweat equity, allowed him to turn every obstacle that comes with starting a business into an opportunity.