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Rachael Yvonne Davis

CEO and founder of Sativa Beauty Health And Wellness

“It came from this thought that life is beautiful and we should have the ability to be able to enjoy it and live it well with the challenges that we have and what our products seek to do.”

-Dr. Rachael Yvonne Davis

Family is everything and while many may believe that money is the best driving force in creating a fulfilling product, the truth of the matter is that passion will always seize victory over all else. Dr. Rachael Davis’s and her sister’s love for their family is what created the amazing products of the first black owned CBD brand in Texas, Sativa Beauty Health Wellness. Being free of any psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC, these products use the non-psychoactive compounds like CBD, CBN, and CBG of the hemp plant, a species of the cannabis genus, to provide pain relief to their users so that individuals may carry on with their lives free of the agonizing obtrusive symptoms that may result from numerous chronic or temporary illnesses.

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Article by Ian Draney