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Shane Morgan

CEO and founder of Posh Cakes By Shane Morgan

“My cakes kept me going because whenever I’m working on my cakes it kind of puts me in my zen moment.”

-Shane Morgan

Nearly all individuals have moments when they are able to escape to another headspace while working on a certain activity that one enjoys in leisure. This specific state of mind, one of which is almost indescribable, is one that may be referred to as the “zone” or the “zen moment”. This is a unique phenomenon where one does not think of anything other than the task at hand when one is completely focused and is at peace of mind. The talented cake baker and artist, Shane Morgan, is quite familiar with this mental state and experiences it on a regular basis while producing his beautiful works of delicious edible art.

Having started a bakery called the Silver Palate Bakery at the tender age of 24 in Shreveport, Louisiana and then pushing through the first four or five years before turning his first profits, Shane can tell you that dreams and passions are something to truly strive for. Today he now has over 17 years of experience in cake design and has worked for several film production companies, celebrities, and even presidential candidates and has been featured in various national and international wedding publications.

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Article by Ian Draney


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