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Teric Thompson



The article highlights the success of real estate agent Teric Thompson, who has been helping people buy their first or second homes for two years. Teric believes that building and maintaining strong relationships with clients is crucial for success in the real estate industry. He uses tools like MLS (Multiple Listing Service) not only for pricing information but also to keep in touch with clients and send them holiday cards. Teric is open to any business and takes what he can get, accommodating clients' needs, even providing virtual reality home tours. However, he warns that the real estate business is not for everyone and requires patience, hard work, and a love for the job. Building a good MLS and networking are essential to success in the industry. Teric has sold many homes and completed seven transactions in a month, earning more than $10k per house sold in a competitive seller's market. He advises aspiring real estate agents to know their clientele and be able to talk to people.

Article by Ian Draney