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Tiffany Forsberg

Fashion Stylist, Jewelry Designer, Film Producer


The article is about Tiffany Forsberg, a woman who started as a model and evolved to become a jewelry designer, fashion stylist, and film producer. Raised in Eugene, Oregon, by an artist mother, Tiffany developed a passion for travel, which led her to a modeling career that spanned several cities. After settling in Dallas, she spent almost 20 years in the luxury jewelry industry before becoming a momager to her children, who were interested in entertainment. She then started her own jewelry business, pivoting from a website to Etsy and using photoshoots to style her pieces. When her son wanted to create a music video, Tiffany discovered a passion for film and TV and began producing documentaries and reality shows. Tiffany believes that starting a business in Dallas is achievable with determination and networking skills, and that it is important to identify one's strengths and weaknesses and seek help when necessary.

Article by Abigail Hernandez



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