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by SkyHigh

SpotLight is an exclusive social media platform for entrepreneurs and leaders to drive growth through collaboration and partnerships. With the ability to connect with various other entrepreneurs around the globe as well as contact those feature in the SKyHigh Magazine, grab the opportunity to throw the SpotLight on your entrepreneurial story and build relationships that foster innovation.

  • Connect with feature SkyHigh Magazine leaders

  • Access live interviews from our featured leaders

  • Gain the opportunity to earn free live interviews to share your vision with Skyhigh network.

  • Share and Receive tips from established professionals on the network 

  • Access multiple business forums or create and manage your own.

  • Receive early access to upcoming SkyHigh Events 

  • View, share, and promote albums that define you.

  • Share your project/company's project all while getting tips and support from every member in SpotLight

  • Gain early access to upcoming entrepreneur shows 

  • more to come

Lighting The Path To Growth And Collaboration

This is the beta for SpotLight social media 

Sign up and be one of the first ones to expand their network with SkyHigh Magazine. Where we'll be hosting live interviews, business tips, and more. This is a platform where we all help each other grow and share tips about each industry.

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