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SkyHigh Award's Nominees

Is time to show the leaders of Dallas

SkyHigh Magazine is set to honor three outstanding leaders for their exceptional achievements throughout their careers and the past year. Be sure to check out the list of nominees.

SkyHigh intends to recognize the most inspiring story and journey of an entrepreneur and leader by presenting an award. This category will be determined by the votes of SkyHigh subscribers and readers who will choose the most inspirational story.

SkyHigh will recognize and honor a young leader from the A Dreamer section, whose journey we have closely followed and witnessed their dreams turning into reality.

SkyHigh Awards

The SkyHigh Awards ceremony recognizes the outstanding achievements of entrepreneurs and leaders who are located in the DFW area, acknowledging the dedication and effort they have invested to reach their current level of success.


*The list will stay updating until the month of October.

inspiring Leader

Explore the foremost inspirational figures of our time. This list is refreshed on a weekly basis and showcases the top five individuals who have received the most votes as inspiring leaders. The selection process relies on input from our valued readers, subscribers, and community members, who have the privilege of choosing the most inspiring leader. The results will be unveiled at the prestigious SkyHigh Awards ceremony.


SkyHigh Leader

SH Leader
Angely Almazan
Founder of The White Pearl
Alexander Coronado
Elena Barajas
Founder of EBadore
Danny Hereida
Founder of Hung By Danny
Ky woods
Jeremy Lock
Jen Sugermeyer
CEO at ATA Cosmetics
D'Andra Simmons
CEO and founder of Hard Night Good Morning
Ric S Kolluri
Go BitCare
Monicca Sharmaa
Go Bitcare
Ricardo Mancia
Personal Trainer/ Actor/ Model
Lea Fisher
Artist / Author
Cindy De La Garza
CEO and founder of DLG realty Advisors
Damian Ortiz
CEO and founder of Sneaker Gang
Kheli Jackson
Mary Blake
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