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Who We Are

Carlos Daniel Quintero Infante



Hi I’m Carlos Daniel Quintero Infante but go by Daniel, I have expression creating a business image, branding, strategizing branding, and marketing for international companies like Apple, Hilton, Indigo, and small business as well. All this came after exploring my side of art and the love to business.


 I have always been around the art industry even when I was attending Vanderbilt  university for my medicine career, neurologist to be precise. During my college years I competed 4 years as a violinist soloist and won every single year. Meanwhile was creating contemporary art and selling it to private clients, that’s when I realized that art was my calling and not medicine. My career did a change and decided to take a leap of faith and fallow my artistic side. I had my own art exhibitions and was donating big percentages to non-profit organizations for some years. Doing My own exhibitions and see how successful they were it pushed me to get out there and explore more options to express myself through art and that’s when my photography career came. I have been successful and been published in several international fashion magazines, Like Mob magazine, Journal Magazine, BoysBoysBoysBoys, Horizon, and more,  during my time as a photographer. 


Building SkyHigh Magazine is a platform where my team and I will be sharing our knowledge worth of years of experience to upcoming, small business/company/entrepreneur. 


We are here to help them each step of the way. 


Jay Lakhani


Hey I’m Jay Lakhani. I have been a visionary and optimistic person my whole life. In Grade 9, I started my own modular Origami company. Moreover, having been part of the strategic teams at various companies in India has made me realize how deeply I’m passionate about strategizing and building

companies. Innovation, Creativity and Determination is what best describes me. I believe that building a business on strong foundations is what makes that endeavour successful and meaningful. The True purpose of this magazine for me is to reflect the real story of various organizations and their efforts towards their purpose. I want to help readers realize these efforts and planning that go into creating successful organizations and visionary companies.


Bellanira Reyes


Hello my name is Bellanira Reyes . Im a 26 years old mother of 2 and a very great one at that . i’ve always been a kind hearted, energetic social butterfly that marched to the best of her own drum. i’ve always been in touch with my creative and artistic side. I have many different endeavors such as modeling, styling and interior design to just name a few . My fashion and styling has been featured in over 7 international magazines, and my interior design knowledge allowed me to co design a major HEMP store front in the downtown dallas area. I also have another project in motion for my body sculpting business ,where my mission is to make my clientele feel positive about there body image while providing too

of the line costumer service and excellent patient care. Words that would accurately described me would be Artistic, free spirited , hard working and determined . 

I enjoy exploring different avenues of creative expression to start expanding my skill set further. Im a firm believer in making a difference in the world and I believe I can and will one step at a time.


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